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Stresses measurement in materials and/or mechanical parts

Each mechanical part and/or material undergoes some residual stresses which could induce deformations, cracks or even breakages.

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Test of tightening

The assembly of two elements and tightening can seems to be simple, a bad tightening can have serious consequences.

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Measurement of depth of nitriding

Nitriding is a treatment with objective to harden surfaces of a mechanical part, in order to limit its wear.

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Detection of defects

Ultra RS proposes the development of a specific application in detection of defects.

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Specific research and development

Ultra RS takes part regularly in several projects of R&D from which we aim to develop concrete applications for companies.

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Development of ultrasonic devices

Device to test tightening – Download the brochure

UltraRS - Thumbnail of PDF tightening_force_control

Device to measure depth of nitriding – Download the brochure

UltraRS - Thumbnail of PDF measurement_depth_nitriding

Device to measure stresses in specific mechanical parts (adapted to their shape) – Download the brochure

UltraRS - Thumbnail of PDF measurement_residual_stress