Detection of defects

Two main axes have been developed by Ultra RS in detection of defects by ultrasounds.

Research and development

Ultra-RS proposes the development of a specific application in detection of defects.

Services of detection of defects

Our team, specialized in ultrasounds and non destructive testings, works in checking of new constructions and in maintenance (under pressure equipments, welded structures, rolled sheets, shipbuilding, aeronautical, etc…). Download the brochure

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For that, we use longitudinal waves, transversal waves and subsurfacic waves, waves of Rayleigh and waves of Lamb, according to the application and the geometry of the part to be controlled.

We can also measure thiknesses, determine the Young’s modulus and the Poisson’s ratio for any type of material and, in particular, on powder parts, where the traditional method can’t be applied.