Measurement of depth of nitriding

Nitriding is a treatment with objective to harden surfaces of a mechanical part, in order to limit its wear. This surface treatment has an important role because it limits the breakage of some parts and thus, increase quality and safety. It is very used, but there is little of tests because of the lack of tool to do it.

It is why, in association with the Snecma aeronautical company (SAFRAN Group), Ultra-RS has developed a device to measure depth of nitriding. This device, of a high degree of accuracy, is also suitable on assembly or production lines.

We propose to you, thanks to this technology, two solutions to be able to control the depth of nitriding of your mechanical parts :

  • services : we can test from our laboratories elements that you send to us
  • purchase of device(s) : you can acquire this device, developed in our laboratories. It will be specifically adapted to the element of which you want to test nitriding or even adapted on assembly or production lines.