Test of tightening

The assembly of two elements and tightening can seems to be simple, especially when that is done by a “traditional” bolt, and yet, a bad tightening can have serious consequences.

A bad tightening is as well a too weak one, as a too strong one, a twisted or not straight bolt. It is enough to have just one of these conditions to weaken an assembly with risk of deformation or breakage.

Aware of that and of the stakes of safety and quality that implies, the Ultra-RS company has developed a testing device of tightening by ultrasounds. This tool, easy to use and transportable, is especially much more precise than a torque wrench. Thus, it makes it possible to reduce considerably the risks of error of such wrench !

This technology, Ultra RS proposes to you two ways to use it :

  • services : we test tightenings from our laboratories or we move with our devices in your buildings, on an external site
  • purchase of device(s) : we can also sell to you one or several of these innovating devices, which are easy to use, transportable and could be adapted to specific needs.